Associates (2023):
     Recording Sec           -  Tom Pate
     Recording Sec          - Tom Leane
     Corresponding Sec   -  Steve Varley
     Treasurer                   -  (open)
      Membership             -  George Kull
      Membership             -  Terry Dwyer
      Membership             -  Rick Smith
      Historian                   -  Ron Hoke
      Hybrid Transition      -  Tom Pate  
Staff Meeting
Council Meeting
     Director: John Dory
     Vice Director: Mark Edelman
     Past Director: Steve Varley

    Warren Braunwarth   thru 2023
    Harvey Feuer             thru 2023
    (open)                       thru 2024
    Mike Katz                  thru 2025
    John Dory                 ex/o
    Steve Varley              ex/o
    Peter Fasold             ex/o                      
 Council, Appointed by the Director:
     Recording Sec              - Rich Jaeger
     Corresponding Sec       - Ivan Jacobs     
     Treasurer                      - Peter Fasold
     Historian                        - Mitch Erickson
     Membership Chair         - Jim Hewitt
     Member at Large           - Paul Tukey
     Member at Large           - Tom Pate
     Member at Large           - Ken Lindhorst

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Officers (2023)
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