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Meetings are held Tuesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in the Parish Hall of the New Providence NJ Presbyterian Church, 1307 Springfield Ave, New Providence NJ 07974, and simultaneously by Zoom (send email to [email protected] for access) These "hybrid" meetings are attended by about 100 members. Coffee is available in the hall by 9:30 a.m. The usual program starts with some songs, a few jokes, and reports from committee & activity Chairmen, followed by a talk on a timely and interesting subject.
        Because of the size and quality of the audience, the Old Guard attracts excellent outside speakers. 
        Meetings held on the last Tuesday include recognition of members'  whose birthdays are in the following month.
        In addition to the weekly meetings, there are activities as noted elsewhere on this website.
        When there is a school closing in New Providence due to bad weather, snow, ice, etc., there will be no Old Guard meeting (see for closure notices). 
        During the coronavirus shutdown meetings moved online using Zoom, and resumed as hybrid meetings in June 2022.


The Old Guard of Summit operates under by-laws providing for an annual election of a Director, Vice Director and the appointment of Committees described.  All are volunteers.

The By-Laws and Procedures Manual expresses current By-Laws, procedures and practices.  This Manual was historically referred to as "The Blue Book".


A number of forms are used in running Old Guard.   Most can be downloaded from The Blue Book page.


PO Box 544, New Providence, NJ 07974
Tel: (908) 591-4759
Email: [email protected] 

Website contact:  [email protected], 908-591-4759

The Old Guard of the Summit NJ area was founded by E. Marvin Herberd and 31 associates on December 2, 1930.  The purpose of the organization is to provide retired business and professional men with good fellowship and stimulating activities and to be a haven for renewal and purpose.
       When the Old Guard was formed, the orchid was adopted as a symbol for the organization because Summit was well known for orchid hybridizing and production.  Here is a historical paper about the orchid in Summit: [.OrchidHistory.pdf.].
       Over the years we have been the model for more than twenty other Old Guard groups.
       Our 2015 Historian's Report paints an excellent picture of a typical year at the Old Guard of Summit.
        Please also read the 2018 Historian's Report, and  a View of Old Guard on it's 4,000th Meeting, prepared by our Historian, Francis McAndrew

To become a member, one is invited to attend one or more meetings as a guest of a sponsoring member or the Membership Committee. If further interested, he will be asked to submit an application to the Membership Chairman. Following that, the sponsoring member will review the candidate's credentials at a meeting and nominate him for membership.  If you don't know a member to be your sponsor, just contact our Membership Chair, Jim Hewitt (at right).   Membership is open to men over 50, but all visitors are welcome at meetings.
       Jacket and tie are preferred but business casual is acceptable, except during the months of May through September, when appropriate casual clothes are fine.
       Dues are $30 a year plus a $5 initiation fee and can be paid by using  this dues link.
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2022 Annual Reporrt

​Our 2022 Annual Report, prepared by Historian Ron Hoke with Mitch Erickson, tells the remarkable tale of Old Guard's multi-year response to the Covid-19 crisis when we, like many groups, moved on-line with Zoom teleconferencing.