The Old Guard of Summit is governed by a set of by-laws and accompanying procedures that have evolved over the years and are collected into a single document called the By-Laws and Procedures Manual, nostalgically known as The Blue Book.  It continues to evolve.

You can browse or download the current Blue Book as PDF here: TheBlueBook.pdf  (v.2023-09-30)


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Stand-Alone Forms (EOY 2021 versions -- to be updated)

There are currently six pages in the Blue Book that are used as stand-alone forms for conducting certain parts of Old Guard's week-to-week activities.   We encourage members always to use current versions of these forms, as contained in the latest version of the Blue Book posted online here -- since they change over time. Although they can be easily printed as single pages from the full PDF file, they are split off here as stand-alone single-page PDF files, for the sake of convenience: ​ [Note the links below are temporarily disabled because they point to obsolete versions]

Whenever feasible, please print fresh copies of these forms from this webpage rather than photocopying old versions! You can check version numbers on these forms to know if the printed copies you may have are current.  If you think a form needs to be updated, please let the Director know.

In addition, the following section of the Blue Book is reproduced as a convenient stand-alone document:

By-Laws and Procedures
Come for the Programs. Stay for the Friends.
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The Blue Book