January Program Chair: Vic Garber

Jan. 7 "The Life and Experiences of a Continental Soldier During the American Revolution" - Asher Lurie, senior historical interpreter at the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, NJ, will discuss the Continental Army from its formation in 1775 to its final form in 1783.

Jan. 14 "Can We Trust the Polls?" - Dr. Daniel Cassino, a pollster and professor of government and law at Fairleigh Dickinson University, will explain how modern polling works, and how it failed in the 2016 presidential election.  He'll then talk about whether we can trust it generally, and if it can be used to make predictions about the 2020 presidential election.

Jan. 21 "Wrongful Convictions in the American Criminal Justice System" - Glenn Garber is a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, and adjunct professor of law at Brooklyn Law School.  He is also founder of the Exoneration Initiative, a not-for-profit that evaluates and litigates innocence cases in New York.  From his own personal experience Glenn will  discuss fallibilities in the American criminal justice system that lead to wrongful convictions and some of the main causes of wrongful convictions - eyewitness misidentifications, false confessions, and police and prosecutorial misconduct. 

Jan. 28 "Spending Plan -- Not Running Out of $ in Retirement" - James Cornfeld, Buckingham Strategic Wealth.  Since the 1980's when companies started the abandonment of defined benefit plans, new strategies have been required to develop a written spend-down plan to minimize taxes.  Jim, a certified financial planner with clients among Old Guard members, will speak on this issue. 

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